The Northwood Club

Client Testimonials

Commercial Food Distributor, South Carolina - Charles D., Sales Executive

"My Masters program was absolutely first class; the staff did everything so professional.  You will absolutely be treated like a king.  Once they [your guests] come, you have them forever as a customer and client."

Commercial Construction, Virginia - Bryan K., President

"This is one of the most finely-tuned machines as far as hospitality and event management I have ever seen." 

Insurance Services, Georgia – David A., President

"When my clients tell me how absolutely thrilled they were to be here in Augusta, be a part of the Masters, be a part of the event, be a part of the hospitality that comes with it, that makes me feel great.  To me it doesn’t get any better than that. You make my clients happy, you make me happy."

Banking, London – Neil B., Market Development

"My Super Bowl program was a fantastic experience.  The attention to detail was first class."

Private Guest, London – Sir Thomas H.

"What an incredible experience you created for me and my clients ... You guys are simply the best.  Thank you!" 

Insurance Services, Florida – Todd B., CEO

"Everything was thought of.  The house was perfect and the chefs were incredible.  The food was off the charts!  It was the experience of a lifetime.  Thanks!"

Financial Services, New York – J. Mack, Director of Marketing

 "Working with Executive Marketing to build an incentive program for my top producers was a win for both my company and my employees.  With the additional efforts from my staff who earned this program for the Ryder Cup, I have added to my bottom line and rewarded them for their hard work with a once in a life time experience!". 

Franchise Restaurant Owner, Georgia – Eric C., President

"Anybody jumps at the chance to come to the National and when you bring them to The Northwood Club, they are overwhelmed.  The staff, the service and the hospitality were beyond expectation."